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Wontok Team

Published:10 Jul, 2020

Device protection for businesses, remote staff and customers

With the ongoing threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches within businesses and with a proliferation of devices in the workplace and the home office for remote workers, businesses are in dire need of effective and easy to use device protection solutions that offer a unified experience.

Cyber security solutions and concerns around breaches have always been at the forefront of businesses and in the mind of their owners but has become even more important during the new work-from-home arrangements that surged in the COVID pandemic scenario. The main concern is the level of security available to protect their data and network connected devices with a view that more control is required to monitor what these devices are being used for.

Some of these concerns include:

  • The unauthorised release or sharing of company data
  • Recovery of lost files and data
  • Protection from online attacks for all network connected devices
  • Ransomware, zero-day threats and other malware
  • Unauthorised use of unknown apps on mobiles and computers
  • Restricted web access on business devices
  • Lack of in-house skills and knowledge on data protection

Incidents that are associated with these concerns often translate into the loss of critical business data when both personal and businesses devices are used remotely by staff – especially if they are lost, stolen or used to access malicious content.

Securing devices from threats anywhere, anytime, and anyhow

Device Protection has evolved to ensure businesses are confident that their data is secure on employee devices regardless of the device type and on what network it is used. If you’re looking for quality device protection solutions, Wontok’s Device Protection reduces the risk of compromise from cyber attacks such as ransomware, viruses, phishing, identity breaches and other benefits including:

  • Reduces costs of device replacements and downtime
  • Market-leading anti-malware protection against viruses, ransomware and other threats
  • Safety of data and online transactions with web filtering to prevent users from vising malicious or harmful sites
  • Removal of identity threats with identity health checks across emails and passwords against known breaches
  • Compatible across all major desktop and mobile platforms
  • Protection for all devices no matter where they are used

Our 3-dimensional approach (protection, detection, restoration) provides businesses with the peace of mind that wherever they connect, whatever device they are connecting with and however they are connecting, they are protected.

Also, Wontok has a platform that provides businesses with actionable insights into their device’s protection, giving them confidence in their data security and user credentials. Integrating the best device protection technology, our Wontok One solution provides extensive security that supports all your users and solves all security concerns.

How will Wontok keep your business safe?

Our comprehensive platform allows business owners to:

  • Protect devices from Malware – known and unknown threats and ransomware, targeted and evasive attacks, high catch rates and low false positives, containment and remediation to enable quick restoration of any infected systems, automatic updates, iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS compatible
  • Be confident in knowing that web browsing is safe and secure – web protection filters that block known malicious sites and content, content filtering that prevents users from accessing inappropriate and unacceptable content/sites
  • Identify any compromises – use mobile devices to quickly check for email breaches and ensure that passwords are secure and can be used safely on any service
  • Maintain device health with screen check, battery check, system check and Wi-Fi network checks
  • Easily manage devices from anywhere – office, home or on the road though a simple threat dashboard that provides data and insights into threats to specific devices and add further protection.

Our multi-faceted approach to delivering cutting edge cyber security is supported by globally-certified technology and innovative methodologies, allowing businesses to grow knowing their data will always be safe through our single cohesive platform.

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